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With 90% of claims being resolved before they get to the Employment Court, our team will ensure you get the right advice when you need it.

Our team specialises in employment law and only represent employers.

We also have a dedicated helpline and a huge range of online tools, templates, guides, and policies to help you make the right decision.

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ER Lawyers and Consultants

Our employment lawyers and consultants are some of the most experienced practitioners in the country. The team is able to assist with general queries through to the most complex and contentious workplace issues.

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 Employment Lawyers and Consultants

Our legal team can partner with your business and provide you with a full range of employment law and employment relations service at special member-only rates. We can represent during investigations and mediations, or in front of the Employment Relations Authority.

You will also have access to over 250 resources including up-to-date policies, templates, and guides on everything from employment agreements, to leave and absenteeism, through to disciplinary issues. Employment Relations Consultants Our experienced consulting team are here to help you with your workforce. Our consultants have multisectoral experience and can provide you with customised solutions across a range of ER/HR issues.

  • Murray Broadbelt ER/HR Consultant - Northland Whangarei-based Murray is a very experienced hand in both employment and industrial relations. What began as HR roles in sizeable manufacturing businesses has transformed over 35 years into speciality areas including collective bargaining, personal grievances, investigations and mediation. Murray combines his considerable ER skills with those of his broad HR background to get the best results. He leads a team of specialists for the EMA throughout Northland. While he and his team cover the general employment relations field, they have become well known for their expertise in drafting employment agreements and hands-on advice for restructuring businesses. Outside of the work, Murray has a governance role with Northland’s Rescue Helicopters. Read more
  • Russell Drake ER/HR Consultant - Waikato Russell is an experienced Employment Relations professional with more than 25 years’ experience providing consulting advice to clients across a wide range of industry sectors. In addition to this consulting background, Russell holds trade qualifications in the automotive sector, and has also held executive leadership positions in both the professional services and manufacturing sectors, enabling him to develop a broad business skill set and knowledge that now assists him in working with client organisations. Russell leads the EMA’s Waikato Based employment relations consulting practice supporting members in the resolution of a wide range of organisational matters from restructures to discipline processes, collective bargaining, drafting employment document and in the resolution of workplace disputes. Working across the broadest possible spectrum of Employment Relations, Russell acts as an advocate for the employer in forums, from the workplace to mediation, and in both the Employment Authority and Employment Court. Read more
  • Bruce Lotter ER/HR Consultant - Auckland Bruce takes a practical and hands-on approach to helping resolve conflict and finding solutions for member businesses. He has a wealth of Human Resources, Employment Relations, employment law and general management experience through executive management positions in medium-sized businesses, employer organisations and senior human resources roles for the New Zealand operations of a global corporate. His skills were honed as practising attorney for a large national law firm in South Africa. His collective bargaining there was for industries as diverse as aviation, banking, freight and transport operators, packaging, pharmaceutical, printing and print media. During 21 years In New Zealand, Bruce has worked with a wide range of sectors from public entities and Maori Trust organisations to call centres, distribution and manufacturing, where there are often multiple collective agreements being negotiated. Whether it is collective bargaining, personal grievances, mediation, restructuring or conducting investigations, Bruce approaches every matter with honesty and fairness. Read more
  • Nikki Iuli HR Consultant Nikki Iuli prides herself on being able to connect with anyone in order to deliver the best outcomes for their business. She has a deep understanding of change and the commercial drivers for it. Based in our Tauranga office, Nikki is passionate about working with Maori and Pasifika businesses and their people, providing relevant support and guidance from her wide range of experience at the top tables of many organisations. Creative and energetic, Nikki strives to improve employee engagement by understanding what drives people and loves nothing more than collaborating with a business on its vision, mission, and values to establish its ‘why’. Read more
  • Chris Longman ER/HR Consultant - Bay of Plenty Chris is held in high regard for his ability to understand a business quickly, and to design bespoke solutions to their people needs. With a solid background of more than 15 years’ experience in both business partnering and organisational development in both the public and private sector, Chris enjoys helping companies with their People Strategies. This includes Union Relationships and Collective Bargaining, as well as leadership and performance coaching; employment investigations and disciplinary processes; personal grievances; conflict resolution; and organisational change and restructures. Also working as a facilitator for EMA Learning, Chris regularly delivers Human Resources and Employment Relations training both on public courses and in-house. He ensures attendees walk away feeling confident that they can manage processes in a fair and compliant manner, protecting themselves and their company from unnecessary risk. As a certified independent investigator, Tauranga-based Chris is also a trusted lead to navigate complex workplace matters such as bullying and harassment claims and other tricky workplace issues. Read more
  • Lisa Oakley ER/HR Consultant - Auckland Lisa’s approach to helping businesses with their needs is to be a true partner, collaboratively solving problems to ensure that leaders and organisations succeed. She is a past Board member and National Vice President of Human Resources Institute of NZ (HRNZ) with almost 20 years’ experience both in New Zealand – for large companies including Air New Zealand and Spark as well as not for profits – and in Australia. Community-focused, Lisa also thrives on working with small to medium-sized businesses and for purpose organisations. Lisa supports seamlessly with everything from People Strategy; Contracts and Policy; Organisational Design and Structure; Talent and Capability; Culture and Engagement; and Industrial and Employment Relations. Read more
  • Sarah Selwood ER/HR Consultant - Auckland A Workplace Investigations certificate holder from the Association of Workplace and licensed workplace investigator, Sarah drills into every situation using her training and experience and by being independent and impartial. Behavioural and conduct-related issues as well as conflict and workplace disputes are where she shines, but it does not always have to get to that. A skilled, mediator, Sarah can also provide early intervention to resolve issues that arise before they develop into unresolvable conflict. When it comes to Employment Relations, Sarah can also help manage performance and develop leaders to deliver results for large or small businesses. She can step you through the requirements of restructuring to ensure you run a fair and complaint process. If it comes to it, she has an in-depth knowledge and experience in managing personal grievances for employers, including negotiating exits and representation at mediation. Read more
  • Jason Tuck ER/HR Consultant - Auckland Jason’s goal is to always develop ER and HR solutions that align with the values, strategic goals and direction of the businesses he works with to add value and provide successful and sustainable outcomes. With more than 30 years’ experience in New Zealand, he has held HR leadership roles at a range of large organisations across different sectors, including Ports of Auckland and Countdown, and has a broad range of knowledge and experience. He joined the EMA as a consultant in 2017 and is very familiar and comfortable in complex industrial relations environments and union negotiations and has a deep knowledge of all aspects of New Zealand employment law. Through the peak of the pandemic, he helped more than 50 businesses to restructure. Read more
  • Mauro Barsi ER/HR Consultant - Auckland Mauro is an experienced advocate for businesses and employers and a trusted advisor when you need it most. He brings a powerful mix of practical knowledge in Employment Relations and Human Resources, litigation experience; and time spent as a senior leader in both the public and private sectors, all to help resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Having worked in-house with organisations to manage growth and transformation projects, his broad business management knowledge means he brings an overarching approach to issues. Mauro helps businesses shape their organisations through strategy, bargaining, restructuring and the implementation of new people structures, through to managing personal grievances, investigations, and employment disputes. Read more
  • Ash Dixon ER Consultant Passionate about people and their businesses, Ash brings that enthusiasm to his training and facilitating. His aim is to help people in Kiwi companies big and small to grow their management capability and profitability. Ash’s background includes senior management, national sales management and finance roles in Australia and New Zealand over 20 years. He is also an experienced board director with governance experience across a wide range of sectors. Ash’s desire to impart his knowledge saw him move into training and facilitating to empower people to grow their businesses. Read more
  • Mike Peterson OHS Consultant Mike is an avid reader and prides himself on keeping up with the smallest changes to every act or piece of legislation to make sure he’s empowering people with the right knowledge. An adult educator for 37 years, he brings learning to life by injecting his own diverse life experience in industries from telecommunications to mining, human resources, senior management, and union organisation. Mike considers how people in every training session will learn best and uses subject-relevant storytelling to engage them and impart knowledge, not just information. Read more
  • Peter Simunovich OSH Consultant Peter imparts his passion for public and psychosocial workplace mental health through his health and safety training. As well as using his training skills for the EMA, Peter teaches human sciences and lectures in public health at universities and polytechnics across Auckland. Peter expanded on his career in occupational health and safety, particularly providing injury prevention training and exercise-based rehabilitation, into neuroscience-based mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Read more
  • Tarrin Terry ER/HR Consultant - Bay of Plenty Tarrin has been consulting for 10 years and is highly regarded for her prompt, efficient and excellent service for member businesses in the Bay of Plenty and South Waikato, whether it is with personal grievances, disciplinary investigations, mediation and change management and restructures. Her depth of knowledge having supported employers across a range of industries means she can easily identify the best process and actions needed to guide businesses through ‘sticky’ situations to reach the right outcomes quickly and effectively. Tarrin is also recognised for helping businesses with their staff handbooks, policies, job descriptions and contractual agreements tailored specifically for their operation and sector they work in. She has honed her expertise in senior Human Resources roles in New Zealand and overseas, across a range of sectors including manufacturing, forestry, and local government. Read more
  • Clive Thomson Collective Bargaining Specialist Clive is passionate about achieving quality outcomes for businesses when they are dealing with Unions. As our main Collective Bargaining Specialist, he is currently the lead negotiator for more than 50 Collective Agreements across New Zealand. The significant majority of these are in private sector manufacturing. He has also led our Bay of Plenty and Central North Island HR/ER consulting team for the last 20 years. Clive is well respected for his work with businesses on their IR Strategy, and for his calm and constructive approach when dealing with Unions. This ensures that quality outcomes are delivered in often challenging situations. Read more
  • Geoff Brokenshire Health & Safety Consultant - Waikato When it comes to hazardous substances, in particular, there are few people who could match Geoff Brokenshire’s knowledge. He has worked and studied in the chemistry industry since 1971; holds qualifications from both in the UK and in New Zealand; and has had a long career across many health and safety disciplines. His speciality is environmental, quality, health and safety management systems, including hazardous substances compliance auditing and advice. Geoff enjoys imparting his considerable knowledge with EMA member businesses in the Waikato region. Read more
  • Linda Browne Health & Safety Consultant - BOP Passionate about working in partnership, Linda prides herself on helping businesses take charge of their health and safety and providing tailored solutions that work in the real world. She is a qualified Health and Safety & Quality Manager with more than 20 years of industry experience that includes, pulp and paper, manufacturing, electrical, timber, geothermal and agricultural sectors. She brings expertise in Health and Safety Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Management Systems and Training and Development Systems to EMA member businesses in the Bay of Plenty. Read more
  • Sheree Camilleri Health & Safety Consultant - Northland Sheree is committed to making a positive difference to EMA member businesses and their people across the North Island. She thrives on working alongside companies to build their capability and knowledge in Health and Safety, and ensure they own their own processes and systems. Sheree also gives companies confidence and understanding of Health and Safety compliance so they can improve the performance of their business. She enjoys imparting her practical experience and knowledge, including as an inspector for the Department of Labour, in a straightforward and collaborative way. Read more
  • Keith Robinson Health & Safety Consultant - Auckland Keith is focused on creating sustainable, people-focused changes to improve the efficiency of organisations and the effectiveness of people. Health and safety work in the supply chain sector – manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics – is where he is happiest, but he brings his wealth of experiences in diverse industries across the world to EMA member businesses in Auckland and his facilitating. He gets satisfaction from providing full circle support from Health and Safety reviews to templates and training to ensure compliance and sustainable practices and processes into the future. Read more
  • Myriam Heynen ER/HR Consultant - Auckland Passionate about imparting knowledge, in addition to her Human Resources and Employment Relations consulting, Myriam also designs and delivers training in those areas. Her life-long interest in businesses and how they operate began with her family’s printing firm at a young age. That grew with her formal education and experience in roles with a not-for-profit, Trustbank and Fisher and Paykel. Since 1998 Myriam has been contracting to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Once of our longest-standing consultants, she joined the EMA in 2003. She helps members manage their people processes from recruitment to termination, including performance management, payroll and restructuring. Read more
  • Toni Stanaway HR/ER Consultant Toni has over 20 years senior leadership and HR experience across a wide range of industries and sectors. She combines her creativity, intuition, and strategic mind with a track record of delivering seamless, performance-driven solutions to member businesses. The results are practical, scalable, and innovative across a broad range of Human Resources and Employment Relations (ER) challenges, including business change/transformation, restructuring, planning and performance management, organisational development, workforce and experience development; and governance and leadership development. Toni believes that with the rate of change it is essential businesses are equipped with the right advice to help them navigate challenges and achieve success; with the big picture in mind. She also loves supporting leaders through tricky ER issues and assisting the development of individuals, leaders and teams. Toni also provides coaching, private mediation and workplace investigations services (Certified Private Investigator). Read more