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Best priced electricity for your business

Total Utilities is widely acknowledged as being one of the top three independent energy consultants in New Zealand.


As such, we have worked with numerous EMA members over the years driving down your electricity costs nationally.


We have done this by including EMA members in our monthly Bulk Electricity Tenders. These Bulk Tenders include major corporates together with much smaller businesses.


By doing this, we maximise your purchasing power and in the process ensure that all applicable energy retailers are given the opportunity to quote for your business.


If EMA members spending less than $30000 plus GST a year on electricity would therefore like to be included in one of our Bulk Electricity Tenders before 1 October this year, please:

·         Sign and return the attached Electricity Customer Authority to us

·         Provide us with a full copy (all pages both sides) of a recent set (all individual accounts) of monthly electricity accounts.


We will then do the rest on the basis of fixed annual Electricity Tender Fees during the term of the recommended new Energy Supply Agreement obtained by us for you, of $260 plus GST per year (or 68 cents/day). This contract term is usually for either two or three years.


For EMA members spending more than $30000 annually, our $260 annual fees would be adjusted accordingly on a pro rata basis. For example, with $40000 annual expenditure our annual fees would be $347 plus GST (equivalent to under 0.9% of your existing annual electricity expenditure).


Our year 1 Electricity Tender Fee invoices are issued within 60 days of submission of our Energy Tender Report/recommendations to you.


Subsequent annual fees are issued at 12-monthly intervals after year 1 invoice submission.


All our invoices are payable in full to us within 30 days of invoice submission to you.

For more information contact:

Linda Maclver

Total Utilities Sales Manager

Phone: 021886034

Email: linda@totalutilities.co.nz


Also visit: www.totalutilities.co.nz​


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