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Caltex Starcard

The Caltex StarCard® is an excellent way to efficiently manage your fuel expenses and reduce your on road costs.

Here’s 4 great reasons to apply for your Caltex StarCard®:


1. You Get a Fuel Discount 

Your Caltex StarCard® offer includes a discount off the ‘pump’ rate for fuel. ‘Pump price’ means the retail sale price advertised to the public for the relevant product on the pump at the premises at the time of the Caltex StarCard® transaction (before application of any discount). 


Pump Price Discount*

Petrol at the Service Station & Diesel Stop

5.25 cents off pump price per litre

Diesel at the Service Station

5.25 cents off pump price per litre

Diesel at the Diesel Stop

9.00 cents off pump price per litre​

2. Fuel Expense Management 

The Caltex StarCard® can offer a number of billing and reporting options that record your fleet’s transactions and which can be tailored to suit your business requirements. Each month, you can receive consumption reports supported by a billing statement. You can also request all your billing documents and reports to be sent electronically via email. 
Online Account Management 
Caltex has an online system that allows you to manage your Caltex StarCard® account. This system is provided free of charge and is effective in ensuring business success by saving you valuable time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can access Caltex Business Point and manage your fuel card base. 
Favorable Credit & Payment Terms 
The Caltex StarCard® allows you to efficiently manage your cash flow and allows you to take advantage of free credit. Payment terms are by direct debit, which takes the hassle out of manually paying your invoices 

3. Convenience

You Get Nationwide Availability Caltex 
StarCard® is accepted at approximately 350 Caltex stations throughout New Zealand including over 100 automated 24-hour Fuel Stops. You get convenient access to one of the largest fuel coverage networks in the country, including 24-hour service. 

4. Card Security & Control 

You Can Choose a PIN and Purchase Restrictions Caltex 
StarCard® allows you to determine the type of product or service able to be purchased by each authorised cardholder in your organisation. For example, you can limit usage of each card to fuel only, or allow some cardholders to purchase other items such as lubricants or snacks from the convenience store. You can also choose a unique 4 digit PIN the first time you use your Caltex StarCard®, for increased card security. 

5. Great Value for Money 

Reduced Card Fees 
Your initial cards will be issued FREE OF CHARGE. Thereafter your Caltex StarCard® offers you a competitive card fee of just $11.25**, charged every two years. It’s simple and there are no other transaction fees. Full details of all fees applying to Caltex StarCard’s® are available below and from the Caltex StarCard® Terms and Conditions at www.caltex.co.nz

**Inclusive of GST. Fees are subject to change pursuant to the Caltex StarCard® Terms and Conditions. 

Apply Today! 

Apply today to take advantage of this great offer to keep you on the move with a Caltex StarCard®. See below for a Caltex StarCard® application form, or for more information see www.caltex.co.nz or call us direct on 0800 733 835. ​ ​

Application Form​

All applications for the Caltex StarCard® are subject to acceptance of a credit application by Caltex. The Caltex StarCard® is subject to the Caltex StarCard® Terms and Conditions as issued by Caltex from time to time (available at www.caltex.co.nz ). This offer is open for acceptance until the earlier of either the termination or expiry of the Card Marketing Supply Agreement between the EMA and Caltex. Any application for your Caltex StarCard® as accepted by Caltex will continue for a term ending on the earlier of the termination or the expiry of the Card Marketing Supply Agreement between the EMA and Caltex.​​​​

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