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Best practice online driver training that produces results – with a 15% EMA Member discount.

What is Fleetcoach?
Fleetcoach is a training programme based on over 20 years of internationally published research with the highly successful predecessor, eDrive. Proven results, normative data and widely referenced research have all gone into the making of Fleetcoach which means you can trust it as the best quality online driver training you can buy. If you're interested in reading a collection of the research papers it’s all based on let us know.

Fleetcoach is all about delivering a shift in driving culture in your organisation, and really making it stick long term. This means more than just a training programme to tick a box. We use psychological tools and frameworks to challenge and influence your employees’ attitudes to driving and road safety. Research tells us that drivers frequently misjudge their skill level; an overconfident driver is just not a safe one. Fleetcoach will help recalibrate inflated confidence levels so that drivers are more realistic about how safe they are on the road. 

15% EMA Member Discount

You won’t find a more cost-effective driver training programme and as an EMA Member you receive a 15% discount. Designed to train ALL your people, Fleetcoach is a comprehensive solution, which effects behavioural changes that actually stick across your organisation. And it’s online, so staff don’t have to spend a lengthy amount of time offsite or in a training room. The learning can be completed in pieces when it suits: at home, at work, on a tablet or computer. The ROI on training like this simply cannot be beaten. And it doesn't stop there. Fleetcoach will grow and add features every few months - at no additional cost to you.

Manage your fleet risk, all in one place.

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