Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Policy Forum

Policy Forum

This monthly Forum of members provides a voice for manufacturers and employers to the EMA board, contributing to EMA's advocacy work.

These groups of manufacturers and employers meet monthly to discuss topical business-related issues, provide input and direction to the EMA board.

Forum activities

 It is common to discuss in depth, issues relating both to good business practice and national issues of concern to ensure the best advice is sent both to Government and to Business New Zealand (our Wellington based voice).
It is usual for the forum members to hold vigorous debates on key manufacturing and employment issues, often with invited guest speakers. This process ensures that our arguments are solid and truly reflect our members' best interests and viewpoint.

Policy Forum members

The forum is made up of 14 members who are elected to the EMA board and traditionally were seven members each from the Manufacturers Forum and the Employers Forum - now meeting as the joint policy Forum.
Other members are also engaged in manufacturing or employing, and are appointed by the board to ensure proper representation of the two sectors.
The makeup of the Policy Forum is usually senior management of manufacturing and employing organisations that are EMA Northern members, ranging from the large employer to the small manufacturer and across a wide spectrum of industry types.
-   Manufacturers Forum
-   Employers Forum
-   List of Manufacturers Forum members
-   List of Employers Forum members

Accountability and support 

The joint Policy Forum is accountable to the EMA board, and reports on its activities at the monthly board meeting.
The forum has support for its activities through the Advocacy Division of the EMA and seeks to maintain profiles for manufacturing and employing sectors, through media releases and opinion editorials.


The Manufacturers Forum developed from the Manufacturers Council which in turn came from the former Auckland Manufacturers' Association.

That association merged with the Auckland Employers Association to form the Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) Inc. in 1996.
Both associations had a long history, with the Auckland Manufacturers Association being 110 years old at the merger date and the Auckland Employers Association being only a few years younger.


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