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  • 通过与中央和地方政府以及高层商业领袖的非官方简报,传达华人社区和商业团体的声音;
  • 为华人和新西兰会员牵线搭桥,拓展商业网络,促进文化理解;
  • 沟通并促成新西兰和中国的行业研讨会、大型会议和各种活动,支持两国会员的商业利益;
  • 我们的就业与人力资源咨询热线可以提供无限的就业建议;
  • 会员可以获得EMA会员网页上一百多个与商业相关的文件,包括雇佣合同、健康与安全(H&S)指导意见,以及试用期条款等;
  • 每季度的会员简报将告知会员可能影响其商业活动的最新法律变动,以及为会员争取利益的呼吁行动取得的进展;
  • 在就业法、人力资源管理、健康与安全和ACC(意外伤害赔偿局)等方面提供的法律和咨询代理服务享受折扣;
  • 仅向会员提供的商业培训优惠价格;
  • 与新西兰出口协会联手,协助所有希望进入中国市场的会员。

若需更多相关信息,请发送电子邮件至 membership@ema.co.nz 与我们的会员服务团队联系,或者请致电09 3670933


Our Chinese Business Centre was established to help provide members with access to expertise in doing business successfully in New Zealand, as well as supporting members interested in doing business with or in China.  

There have been many legislative changes in employment law in recent times, and our AdviceLine team can help you understand these changes, what they mean for your business, what policies are needed, and how to handle any issues with employees. 

We also act as the voice of business with central and local government, highlighting any concerns and influence on policies affecting business, ensuring your business is successful and can thrive. 

Chinese businesses who are members of the EMA or ExportNZ have access to a wide range of essential New Zealand business services, including access to our shared working and networking space. 

Our key services include:

  • Giving Chinese communities and business groups a voice through private briefings with central and local government and top business leaders; 
  • Establishing business relationships between Chinese and New Zealand members to extend business networks and help facilitate cultural understanding; 
  • Communicate and facilitate industry forums, conferences and events in both New Zealand and China, which support the business interests of members in both countries; 
  • Unlimited employment advice through our Employment and HR AdviceLine  
  • Access to the EMA member website which contains more than 100 business-related documents such as employment agreements, Health & Safety (H&S) guidelines and probationary period clauses; 
  • Quarterly member briefings to update businesses on changes to legislation affecting them, and progress on advocacy; 
  • Discounted legal and consultant representation for services in employment law, HR management, H&S and ACC;  
  • Member-only rates for business training; 
  • In conjunction with Export NZ, assisting all members looking to expand into Chinese markets; 

For more information, and to speak with one of our Mandarin-speaking team,
free call AdviceLine NZ 0800 300 362 or AU 1800 300 362

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