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In-house and Tailored Training

The best of EMA learning. Tailored to your needs. Delivered at your place.

Our approach

In-house and Tailored Training is all about fitting your needs, timing and physical location. Our highly skilled and experienced team members know how subtle differences in approach can deliver a huge difference in outcome. We’re expert listeners, adept at understanding your issues and creative at coming up with solutions.

Training delivered at your premises offers all sorts of advantages. There's no need to travel, and it can be more effective because your staff can relate their training to the environment around them. It seems more real, more relevant and easier to implement. And you get the maximum number of people gaining the same skills at the same time. 

Can any of EMA’s learning programmes be delivered at your place, the answer is yes. We can customize programmes, a little or a lot and deliver them where your staff work.  And if you have a handful or more people wanting to attend the same workshop, the answer is also yes: because in-house delivery can be a better use of your training dollar.

In fact, for all sorts of organisations and in all sorts of ways, In-House and Tailored training is the right answer:


Can we do any course we like at our place?                                                                 Yes
Can you use examples and scenarios from our organisation?                                      Yes
Will you travel out of Auckland?                                                                                     Yes
Can you conduct training for my whole team nationwide?                                             Yes
Can you build a programme just for us?                                                                        Yes
Can you condense a two-day workshop into one day?                                                  Yes
Could you split a two-day course over, say, two weeks?                                               Yes
Can my team of eight…12…16…20 attend?                                                                 Yes
Can we merge a couple of programmes from the public workshops?                           Yes
Will you do a field visit to understand our business?                                                     Yes
Do you offer one-on-one coaching?                                                                               Yes
Can you provide references?                                                                                         Yes
Can you think outside the square?                                                                                 Yes!


For the best of EMA Learning, tailored to your needs and delivered where you want, contact:

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