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Human Resources and Employment Relations

Our Human Resources and Employment Law workshops will show you how to provide direction and shape your workplace culture and environment using the correct processes and procedures.



If you are an Australia business with a few employees based in NZ and your HR Team are all based out of Australia, then I would high recommend becoming a member of EMA.  They will upskill your Australian HR team on NZ employment law while at the same time provide a second line of support for your NZ managers." 

- Denise @ Monsanto

"The learning experience from EMA is excellent. It is delivered in a clear and concise manner with ample opportunity to seek clarification on areas not fully understood or not covered in the training."

 - Wendy @ A Support Life


Providing direction and shaping your workplace culture and environment using the correct processes and procedures is vital for keeping everyone on board and focused on the tasks ahead.

Our Human Resources and Employment Law workshops will show you how to do just that - with up-to-date information around legal requirements, as well as techniques to motivate your team for success and how to appropriately deal with performance issues when things don’t go to plan.

It’s important that your team is cohesive and contributes effectively, efficiently and productively to your organisation’s success and direction. These workshops will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to ensure your people are dealt with fairly and correctly and in a way that builds a super team.





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