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Surveys conducted by EMA

EMA conducts regular surveys to assist our member organisations grow and develop by providing valuable information.

​EMA Employers Survey   

This survey is conducted twice a year.  It has been developed to provide comprehensive insights into the views of employers in a range of key employment factors that affect their business.

The information is used by the EMA policy team when talking to Government, media and other organisations and to develop policies that are best for business.

The survey results are widely distributed and are highly regarded by all the organisations that use this data such as skills.org.nz

June 2016 Half year employers survey summary findings


PMI Survey

The Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI) is based on a monthly survey of Business New Zealand's manufacturing members, about the state of their businesses.
As well as being a leading economic indicator for New Zealand, the PMI reliably compares other countries' manufacturing performance with ours, since it uses internationally accepted survey standards.  
Please click here for the full list of monthly PMI survey results. 


PSI Survey

The Performance of Services Index (PSI) is a monthly survey of the state of our service industry, conducted with BusinessNZ.
Click here for information resulting from these surveys. 


National Employers Wage & Salary Survey

The National Employers Wage & Salary Survey is designed to help businesses answer pay related questions including ‘what should I pay’ and ‘what benefits and conditions should I offer’. The survey reports are refreshed weekly to include new data, and thereby provide reliable remuneration reports. 

Visit the website for more information.

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