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Submissions form the backbone of our advocacy work.

EMA policy specialists submit on legislation, plans and discussion documents made available for consultation by central and local government and other public organisations. Submissions are often supported by oral presentations to select committees and hearing panels.

Submissions are publicly released on our website in line with requirements of government agencies or at the time of writing.

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BusinessNZ submissions

The EMA and BusinessNZ* frequently submit on key pieces of legislation and regulation that may have an impact on our members.

At times the EMA submits separately to BusinessNZ on specific issues where our views may differ slightly because of our regional focus (EMA covers Taupo to the top of NZ) or because they are of specific interest or relevance to sections of our membership.  BusinessNZ submissions are included in our list of submissions as the EMA will often have input into or agree with the positions stated in those submissions prepared by BusinessNZ.

*BusinessNZ is an organisation that advocates nationwide and is governed by four regional business organisations including the EMA.

Central Government Issues

Many central government policies are dealt with by our national organisation BusinessNZ, although the EMA will also submit on key issues, or issues where we may differ slightly because of our regional support for members. 

EMA Northern (representing members from Taupo north) contributes substantially to policy positions adopted nationally.

Local Government Issues

EMA routinely submits on city/district council's 'Draft Annual Plans'.  These financial plans may be accompanied by a draft funding policy and/or a draft strategic plan.

EMA members are significant ratepayers and vitally interested in the services provided by local governments.

EMA analyses the differences between Draft and Adopted Annual Plans to raise questions over the business direction taken by councils.

Utilities (water, wastewater, electricity, gas, etc) occasionally call for submissions on aspects of their business such as pricing.  EMA submits according to EMA policy.

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