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Our ManufacturingNZ programme provides advocacy, access to market information, online guides and publications, as well as active promotion of the industry.  Manufacturing is one of New Zealand’s largest employers and we work closely with you on employment related activity, as well as other key issues such as  innovation and R&D, training and skills development, energy, developing New Zealand Standards, terms of trade, and opening new markets.
We are especially proud of our online R&D and prototype information search – allowing you to search through New Zealand’s Universities and Institutes of Technology – all from one place and made possible through a unique partnership between ManufacturingNZ, Innovating New Zealand and Manufacturing Knowledge HERE.
We keep you up to date and well informed with our Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI) market reports.  This is a monthly survey of the manufacturing sector providing an early indicator of activity levels, trends and developments in your industry.  The PMI report is a vital part of the manufacturers business landscape, containing information that is easy to understand and revealing important market trends and insights.
For more information and specialised services regarding manufacturing simply go to our website, www.manufacturingnz.org.nz

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Confirmation today that the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Amendment Bill has reached an impasse in select committee stage, is further proof it needs to be scrapped, says the EMA.
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is good news for New Zealand-based cosmetic manufacturers who export their products to TPPA countries, says the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association of New Zealand.
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The EMA has welcomed the release of the Mobilising the Regions paper, released by Local Government New Zealand today, saying it breathes life into key issues the Employers and Manufacturers Association has been advocating for on behalf of its members.
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