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Advocacy & Industry Relations

Advocacy is a core function of the EMA.  We represent our members' interests and strive to create a better business environment.

Advocacy's focus

EMA currently has four broad policy platforms:

1. Growth - RMA reform and Infrastructure (transport, water, housing)
2. Skills and Training - including youth employability ​ 
3. Export Growth
4. Employment Law / Health and Safety
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We encourage members to be involved and contribute to the 'Voice of Business'.  Please email your views and concerns to myvoice@ema.co.nz or contact us directly +649 367 0900 (staff details below).

Advocacy functions

  • Surveying members' views and collecting information to identify trends and issues.
  • Sharing information and discussions with members at our policy, employment and manufacturing forums.
  • Developing policies and lobbying for or against change.
  • Informing EMA members through our  BusinessPlus magazine, e-report (fortnightly) and Exporter Link newsletters.
  • Communicating members' views through written and oral submissions to public bodies, media statements, and personal presentations and delegations.

The Advocacy team

  • Alan McDonald, General Manager - Advocacy
  • Paul Jarvie, Manager - Industrial Relations and Safety
  • Garth Wyllie, Executive Officer (Industry Groups and Manufacturing)
  • Mike Burgess, Senior Policy Analyst 
  • Catherine Lye,  ExportNZ - Regional Manager
  • Mary MacKinven, Member Communications Executive 
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EMA's submissions on policy and planning issues that affect the business environment in New Zealand focus on the activities of central and local government and publicly-owned resources.
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EMA provides a range of services to a number of trade associations that are legal entities in their own right, and provides an industry specific voice on relevant issues.
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EMA members can be actively involved in advocacy through our Policy, Employer and Manufacturing Forums.
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EMA's policies aim to create a better environment for business. Our existing policies are listed here.
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EMA conducts regular surveys to assist our member organisations grow and develop by providing valuable information.
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