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National Employers Wage & Salary Survey

Be confident about your investment in one of your biggest assets - your people.  By using our market intelligence you can keep your finger on the pulse of market rates and trends.

Whether you’re looking to recruit or retain staff, your knowledge of market rates and trends is vital.

That’s where we can help: using our market intelligence we will help you keep your finger on the pulse of market trends and be able to act with confidence.

The National Employers Wage & Salary Survey covers over 200 positions with comprehensive information including splits by industry, location and revenue bands. 

Participation in the survey is open throughout the year with weekly reports produced using 12 month rolling data.

Our Salary Report: Reflects the salary ranges by position, with national averages by sector and lower quartile, median, upper quartile results.  These detailed reports include splits by location, industry and revenue bands.

Our Benefits and Conditions Reports: We provide position specific analysis of benefits and conditions with comparisons across four staff categories:

  • Senior Manager,
  • Manager/Supervisor,
  • Professional/Technical and
  • Other.


You’ll find sample reports as well as a full list of positions covered and brief position descriptions here:




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