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OSH Law Changes

Occupational Health and Safety is facing its biggest shake up in 20 years. The EMA has compiled a number of documents that are relevant to the recommended changes.
Health and Safety Reform Bill

The Health and Safety Reform Bill was introduced to Parliament on 11 March 2014. A link to the Bill can be found here.


Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety:

The Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety was established in June 2012 to conduct a review on whether the current health and safety system was fit for purpose. The Taskforce was asked to formulate recommendations on strategies for reducing the high rate of workplace fatalities and injuries by 2020.

The Taskforce released three reports on 30 April 2013 which outlined its analysis, findings and recommendations.

  • The Executive Report provides a summary of the review process as well as the key findings and recommendations.
  • The Main Report gives a detailed outline of the review process, key findings and recommendations 
  • The Working Papers detail the consultation reports and input


Directors Guideline:

The Institute of Directors, MBIE, Business NZ, CTU and EMA developed a 30 page booklet which outlines a board and directors responsibilities when managing health and safety risks.

The booklet, Good Governance Practices Guideline for Managing Health and Safety, can be viewed online.

There are also a few spaces still available on our Directors Liability Seminars. This interactive workshop will give participants valuable tools that will assist in the management of health and safety.

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