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EMA provides guides and sample forms on employment relations and business issues. Included is our premier A-Z of Employing series of guides.
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Our premier guide to employer obligations under the Holidays Act. It includes definitions of key terms, calculation of annual holiday payment, and the relationship between annual leave and other types of leave.
File size: 536.4 KB
Date issued: 17 Jul 2018
This guide sets out the minimum requirements for meal and rest times as per the Employment Relations Act 2000.
File size: 539.6 KB
Date issued: 06 Jun 2018
Our premier guide to getting the disciplinary process right. It includes best practice advice and information on how to conduct investigations and disciplinary meetings.
File size: 635.4 KB
Date issued: 16 Aug 2018
This guide provides an overview of discrimination in employment and discusses the type of conduct that will amount to unlawful discrimination.
File size: 663.7 KB
Date issued: 20 Mar 2018
EMA's guide to Easter 2018, including information about shop trading restrictions and public holidays.
File size: 586.5 KB
Date issued: 16 Jan 2018
This guide provides information about the function and powers of Labour Inspectors.
File size: 1.2 MB
Date issued: 16 Jan 2019
Changes were introduced to the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 which will affect employees who are planning to take parental leave in 2018 and beyond.
File size: 327.9 KB
Date issued: 23 Jul 2018
Our premier guide to the recruitment process. This includes interviewing, pre-employment and reference checking, and offers of employment.
File size: 657.1 KB
Date issued: 06 Sep 2018
Our premier guide to the law relating to trial and probationary periods, how to implement them to ensure they can be relied on.
File size: 851 KB
Date issued: 14 Dec 2018

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Read about the principles which apply to abandonment and how to deal with an employee who disappears.
File size: 476.6 KB
Date issued: 14 Aug 2018
Absenteeism can be one of the most problematic issues for employers. This guide outlines your rights and obligations in addressing employee absences.
File size: 582.8 KB
Date issued: 14 Aug 2018
Our premier guide to understanding the Accident Compensation system. It includes employer obligations to employees, definitions of key terms under the Act, and details about employer levies.
File size: 718.1 KB
Date issued: 09 Jan 2018
Our guide to employers who pay travel allowances to employees for use of thier own vehicle for work purposes.
File size: 376 KB
Date issued: 25 Sep 2018
This guide sets out information on employee pay in regards to Anzac day business closures.
File size: 303.7 KB
Date issued: 18 Dec 2018
This guide outlines requirements in relation to application forms and pre-employment screening.
File size: 863.8 KB
Date issued: 30 Apr 2018
This guide describes the function of an attachment order and outlines what an employer is obligated to do if an employee is subject to one.
File size: 354 KB
Date issued: 30 Apr 2018
This guide discusses the implications of secret recordings of conversations in the workplace with respect to privacy and surveillance.
File size: 441.9 KB
Date issued: 19 Mar 2018
Our premier guide to understanding the rules of collective bargaining and the good faith obligations of the parties involved in bargaining.
File size: 832.2 KB
Date issued: 21 Dec 2018
This guide provides information to assist with preparing for bargaining and includes a sample bargaining process agreement.
File size: 520 KB
Date issued: 21 Mar 2018
This guide provides an overview of bereavement leave in employment. It includes information on payment and time off available for employees who have suffered a bereavement.
File size: 551.6 KB
Date issued: 18 Dec 2018
When an emergency situation strikes, workplaces are affected. Natural disasters such as the Christchurch earthquakes mean that companies may have to cease trading to varying degrees. Use this guide to help plan for and get through business interruptions.
File size: 135.5 KB
Date issued: 27 Jan 2016
Our premier guide to employing staff on a casual basis.
File size: 497.9 KB
Date issued: 16 Aug 2018
This guide discusses an employer’s obligation in relation to child support deductions.
File size: 426.2 KB
Date issued: 16 Aug 2018
Christmas and New Year 2018 - 2019
File size: 950.8 KB
Date issued: 27 Aug 2018
Our premier guide provides information on collective agreements, content, coverage, union and non-union members.
File size: 717.7 KB
Date issued: 21 Dec 2018
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