Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Hamilton plan a step in right direction

Hamilton plan a step in right direction

31 Jul 2018
Hamilton City Council’s 10-year plan is a step in the right direction yet remains silent on how it will address major investment needs.

“Like many other local authorities, Hamilton is juggling how it will pay for and provide the resources its growing community needs and demands,” says Kim Campbell, CEO, EMA.

“We are pleased to see the plan states the need to reduce operating costs by $83 million in the next 10 years and we encourage the Council to adhere to this. As the city grows, the Council should constantly monitor and review internal costs and expenditure to determine where further savings could be made.

“Likewise, while we felt the Council needed to be braver in terms of rate rises, the compromise of setting a 9.7% average increase in the coming year and 3.8% annually thereafter goes some way to addressing our concerns.

“Particularly, when this is combined with a move to a capital value rating system and increasing the Uniform Annual General Charge to $500 over three years.

“However, the plan is relatively silent on how the Council will address the wider issue of productivity enhancing investments which include transport and infrastructure.

“While the Peacocke development was given the nod as the next major housing development area, we have not seen much progress in thinking towards other ways to fund infrastructure.

“Public private partnerships are a common way to fund and deliver big ticket items, especially in overseas territories, and the EMA sees these as a major way to overcome the current infrastructure shortfall the city faces,” says Mr Campbell.​

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