Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Significant step forward on pay equity

Significant step forward on pay equity

24 Nov 2016
Significant progress has been made on pay equity with the announcement by Government that it agrees with the recommendations of the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity.
As one of the parties involved in the working group, the EMA says this is an important step in the right direction to help businesses manage this complex issue.
The working group, comprised of business, government and union representatives, provided agreed principles for resolving pay equity claims.
These principles outline how a claim can be made and in what circumstances.
“For our members, this will help give surety on how to manage this issue should it arise,” says Mark Champion, General Manager Advocacy and Industry Relations, EMA.
“To have certainty around the process, and know it will be conducted under the good faith requirements of the Employment Relations Act, which employers are familiar with, is important for any commercial operation.
“The working group was determined to offer an agreed way forward on this matter. We ensured the principles outlined the criteria for determining a claim, how the bargaining approach would be conducted and how settlement would be managed.
“As this now progresses into draft legislation we look forward to the opportunity to provide input into this process on behalf of the business community,” says Mr Champion.

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