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Cosmetic Manufacturers and Exporters say TPP Good News

20 Feb 2019
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is good news for New Zealand-based cosmetic manufacturers who export their products to TPPA countries, says the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association of New Zealand (CTFA).
The CTFA says the inclusion of clear guidelines in the TPP agreement is positive for its members.
New Zealand cosmetic manufacturers will see technical barriers to trade removed progressively as part of the requirements under Annex 8-D without any additional burden, says Garth Wyllie, Executive Director of the CTFA.
“While other countries would need to adapt in some areas, New Zealand has a very well structured regulatory control in place for Cosmetics sold in New Zealand and it was already internationally aligned”, he said.
“Removing requirements for authorisation numbers, mandatory certificates of free sale and renewal of licence requirements would save New Zealand exporter significant costs when selling to TPP countries”.
“In short for our exporting cosmetic companies, this is a major win that will improve our market access and reduce costs for that market access” he said.
“The CTFA membership is made up of 116 member companies of which 62% are locally based and exporting products to the world.”
“New Zealand now exports more than $150 million dollars in mostly natural based cosmetic products which is in increasing demand and creating significant additional jobs through our domestic manufacturing operations. The TPPA has the power to boost this exponentially” Mr Wyllie said.
The EMA provides secretariat services to the CTFA.

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