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Continuity for labour relations framework

12 Sep 2017
What business needs from the incoming government is continuity around the current employment and labour relations framework, says EMA.
“Many members are raising their concerns about what will happen to workplace relations if there is a change as outlined in Labour’s Fair Pay Agreements policy,” says Kim Campbell, CEO, EMA.

“I urge all employers to take a good look at this policy. Within it are plans for significant change to the enterprise-level bargaining framework that has been in place for many years.”

Under the Employment Relations Act (2000) there is a clear framework for how employers and employees negotiate in good faith.

“This approach gives companies the flexibility to negotiate agreements with their workers to best meet the needs of the operation. Don’t forget, with this comes responsibilities that the employer must abide by too. If they don’t, they can find themselves facing hefty penalties along with irreparable reputational damage.

“We want a system which enables New Zealand business to remain competitive, now and into the future,” says Mr Campbell.

The EMA Election Manifesto highlighted the key areas its members wanted addressed by an incoming government. Some of the points highlighted were the need to address the Holidays Act and to ensure the principles and framework developed by the Pay Equity Working group were enshrined in the new legislation.

It also raised the need for a cohesive strategy on addressing the dynamic of the country’s ageing workforce along with closing the gap on skills and training, to help employers recruit and retain their workforce.

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