Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Businesses Bear Brunt of Auckland Council Transport Levy

Businesses Bear Brunt of Auckland Council Transport Levy

20 Feb 2019
Businesses with a capital value of more than $180 million could be wearing a levy of more than $48,000, under Auckland Council’s proposed Annual Plan.
Under the proposed plan tabled at the Council’s Finance and Performance Committee this morning, a new option was included in regards to the Interim Transport Levy.
“The change that has been slipped in is another tax by stealth on businesses, which is out of kilter with what has already been debated,” says Kim Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, EMA.
“We have no issue with businesses bearing some costs, but it is unacceptable to think they can shoulder the bulk of the transport levy. In some cases this could be an increase of more than 100%.
“We are in favour of the Uniform Annual General Charge going up. But to introduce an option, which is inconsistent with the overall trend to align the rates differential between residential and businesses, is extraordinarily naïve for a city that wants to cultivate business investment.
“This proposal, also seems to over-ride other strategic initiatives such as the Auckland Transport Alignment Project, aimed at deciding the framework and funding model for the city’s transport woes.
“We are opposed to this option progressing in the annual plan, and will ensure the voice of our members is heard.”

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