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Business encouraged to shape new infrastructure agency

08 Oct 2018
Industry has the chance to shape a new independent infrastructure body being established by Government.

Consultation is now open on the body and the EMA encourages all those with interests in this sector to ensure they have their say using the submission process.

EMA has been a long-time advocate for establishing a cohesive approach to how infrastructure projects are planned, designed, funded and delivered.

“Infrastructure development requires long lead times and our current system is frustrating and uncertain for those involved,” says Kim Campbell, CEO, EMA.

“The establishment of this body is significant in addressing our infrastructure shortfall. Hence, it is vital this new agency has the mandate to traverse political cycles by providing a long term strategic view.

“Certainty around the country’s infrastructure pipeline will deliver many benefits that both the Government and opposition want. It will provide the confidence to invest in New Zealand. It will boost productivity and mean we can train and develop New Zealanders safe in the knowledge there will be jobs for them.

“We believe this agency needs to incorporate both financing and procurement expertise. It needs to be able to identify and deliver funding mechanisms which support overseas financing, such as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and other innovative devices.

“We also see a role for this agency to provide advice and assistance to procuring bodies such as local authorities and government departments to ensure efficiencies are delivered.

“Agencies such as these have worked well overseas. We see this as a vital component of building the vibrant and productive economy the Government has stated it wants,” says Mr Campbell.

Submissions on the new independent infrastructure body are open until 26 October, 2018 at www.infrastrucuture.govt.nz for those who wish to have their say.

Treasury is leading this development and expects to make key recommendations to Ministers before Christmas, with the aim of having the new agency established and operational by mid-to-late 2019.​

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