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Working with Remote Teams, eLearning

Today’s effective leaders keep their scattered team connected and moving together. Working with remote teams helps you “work smarter, not harder”.


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Who’s this eLearning course for?

The Working with remote teams module helps businesses “work smarter, not harder” when not everyone is in the office. Today’s effective leaders are the ones who manage to keep their scattered team connected and moving in the same direction. 

Being a great communicator has never been so important, and this module will ensure what you have to say gets heard. We have teamed with NZ Marine and Composites ITO to create a module to help you ensure you have everything you need in one place to help your business stay productive and responsive while ensuring the well-being of your staff. 

You’ll be better equipped to: 
  • Maximise your interpersonal skills to work efficiently with remote team members while enabling them to feel part of the team. 
  • Communicate effectively when you're not all in the same workspace
  • Give and receive feedback that gets results
  • Find solutions to client or business issues when your team works remotely

Where and when: 
This module is ready to use immediately, or can be tailored to suit the specifics of your business and staff by including relevant information such as:

  • Information specific to how you do business remotely such as email conventions or regular online events and meetings etc
  • Any particular services, websites or communication channels you would like your staff to be aware of
  • Your branding and images to contextualise it to your business and field

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