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Turning Reviews into Increased Customers

Obtain and respond to customer reviews and turn them into your online word of mouth with skill and efficiency
Who’s this course for?
Foundation: Know, Comprehend and Apply

Owners, managers, and those responsible for marketing and media.  Learn digital marketing skills for your next job or update your digital media marketing skills.

What you’ll learn:

Whether you’re selling through ecommerce or running a services firm, customer testimonials and reviews are a really important part of your business profile.  There are dozens of ways a prospective customer can find out about your firm from other people.  Harnessing these independent views into your marketing tactics is a very low cost way of improving your new customer acquisition.

Where and when: One Day: 9am–4pm

After, you’ll be able to…
  • ​Set up your business on major review sites 
  • Run regular testimonials marketing campaigns 
  • Budget for customer review marketing campaigns 
  • Stay on the right side of the commerce commission laws

What's included?
  • ​Where customer reviews fit in your marketing plan
  • Which the major review websites in New Zealand are
  • How to solicit reviews and testimonials from your customers
  • Moderating testimonials before publishing
  • How to reply to negative reviews


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