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The Ultimate Team Leader

Excel at supervising, growing and leading your team

Certification you can receive

National Certificate

Auckland Series 2: 07/06, 04/07, 08/08, 05/09, 18/10, 14/11 

Auckland Series 3: 01/08,11/09, 11/10, 13/11, 11/12, 12/02 (2019)

Auckland Series 4: 18/09, 09/10, 05/11, 17/12, 13/02 (2019), 12/03 (2019) 

Auckland Series 5: 03/10, 01/11, 06/12, 15/02 (2019), 05/03 (2019), 09/04 (2019) 

Hamilton Series 1: 21/03, 13/04, 18/05, 27/06, 31/07, 30/08

Hamilton Series 2: 02/10, 06/11, 18/12, 21/02 (2019), 19/03 (2019), 18/04 (2019)​​

Tauranga: 09/05, 13/06, 05/07, 09/08, 12/09, 17/10

Who’s this course for?
If you’re currently working as a team leader, supervisor or manager, or aiming to become one, this extensive programme is ideal. It’s the perfect investment for any team leader wanting to build and lead powerful teams within their organisation.

What’s included?
As a comprehensive foundation in essential leadership qualities, Ultimate Team Leader is delivered over six day-long workshops a month apart. The programme includes everything from communication skills to forming high-impact teams, conflict resolution through to coaching.
Workshop 1
  • Foundation for leadership
  • The transition to leadership: doing vs. leading
  • Qualities and roles of a team leader, fundamental functions: planning, organising, motivating
  • Becoming an effective communicator.
Workshop 2
  • Leading and influencing your team, including leadership styles and situational leadership
  • Leaders and followers (video-based exercise)
  • Task vs. people
  • Team formation and characteristics, including behaviour roles within a team.
Workshop 3
  • Preparation and planning for team results
  • Time management and effective team meetings: preparation, benefits, topics
  • Guidelines for team building and managing workplace relationships
  • Positive and creative problem-solving strategies.
Workshop 4
  • Coaching for improved performance, including implementing a coaching strategy and different coaching styles and methods
  • Change management and monitoring the change process
  • Key principles of successful delegation
  • Effective strategies and processes for delegation.
Workshop 5
  • Principles of motivation: theories and models, and the motivational cycle
  • Developing high performing teams
  • SMART performance plans, establishing and managing performance
  • Improving performance, solving performance problems and the performance scale.
Workshop 6
  • Dealing with and resolving conflict, including the basic types of
  • conflict and dealing with difficult people
  • Disciplinary policies and procedure
  • Performance counselling
  • Warning process, dismissal procedure and personal grievances.

What you’ll learn:
This in-depth series of workshops will help you succeed in your leadership role, with insight into key areas such as motivation, performance management, and how to analyse and deal with common situations in the workplace.
The programme is delivered in a one-day-a-month format. This reduces the pressure of managing your workload alongside training. It also means you leave each workshop with a set of new skills that can be practiced in your organisation before the next.
From leading and motivating your team, to improving on-the-job performance, you’ll gain a range of powerful skills. Including how to adapt your behaviour to manage unexpected circumstances or stressful situations.

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