Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Taking Charge of Rogue Employees Rotorua

Taking Charge of Rogue Employees Rotorua

Out-of-control employees who disregard for rules and regulations and refuse to participate are unacceptable in your business. Issues snowball over time creating costly, unproductive employment disputes. 

At this half-day tool-kit, you will learn to confidently and legally battle any accusation, conflict or excuse. 

Our legal experts will help you pick the best pathway when dealing with such destructive behaviours. We will discuss: 

  • Delay Champions - You've called a meeting, they're causing delays,
  • Refusing to participate - "I'm not coming", not answering, and not even listening!
  • "You never told me about that so it doesn't count" - What is reasonable?
  • Misconduct in action - how to manage a justified dismissal, and 
  • Going to mediation - Getting your ducks in a row.

The biggest headaches in your business will escalate if you don't respond the right way at the right time.



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