Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Taking Charge of Poor Performance Auckland 2019

Taking Charge of Poor Performance Auckland 2019

When it's not working, something must be done

When your people are failing to meet targets, creating dissatisfied customers and exhibiting an apathetic approach to their work, your business can quickly get into trouble.

Join us for our half-day toolkit where our experts will help you identify, construct and implement effective techniques to get your team back on track, resetting expectations - or if it's all too late, and getting them out the door. We will talk about all the hard parts including:

  • When it's tough dealing with the top - guidelines for managing senior executives
  • Performance Improvement Plans that work - designing outcomes and leaving nothing to the imagination 
  • Employee tactics and how to deal with them - delays, stress, medical and other claims
  • The blame game - finding the truth when investigating 
  • The world of warnings and dismissals - your obligations, and knowing when it is the end of the road.


Poor performance causes major disruptions in your team's productivity, morale and your bottom line. Be sure of your process, documentation and conversations that protect you from potential constructive dismissal claims.​ 



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