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Taking Charge of Dismissal Auckland

Do what needs to be done and get rid of the dead weight in your business. Take charge of your  team and create a better workforce for your company and show repeat offenders the door, keeping good faith at the centre of your choices. 

Join us at this half-day tool kit and you will learn how to tackle the biggest dismissal problems employers face today including exits for poor performance, misconduct and medical incapacity. 

Our industry experts will discuss the following: 
  • Dealing with employee tactics – stress, blaming someone else and "that's not in my job description"  
  • Repeat offenders – what can you actually dismiss for and is instant dismissal an option?
  • Blunt vs bulling – how honest can you be?
  • Navigating potential constructive dismissal claims and mitigating claims of hurt and humiliation. 

Do what needs to be done! This half-day conference will ensure you have the tools and legal footing to dismiss the real offenders within your organisation. 

Join Us.

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