Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Taking Charge of Absenteeism seminar

Taking Charge of Absenteeism seminar

Absenteeism & sick leave could be tearing your business down one-day-off at a time
Absenteeism affects all levels and all industries impacting on productivity, team morale and your bottom-line. It is an extremely frustrating and tough situation, but now is your chance to reset expectations, and get your team back together and working at full capacity.

We will help you make informed decisions about your legal obligations including good faith, consultation frameworks and key timelines when responding to your repeat offenders. Our experts will discuss topics that affect us the most such as:
  • Suspicious repeat excuses - the habits, the reality and how to deal with continual absenteeism
  • Re-establishing expectations – showing good faith, but making things clear
  • Medical absence and ‘reasonable rehabilitation’ – implementing a return to work plan
  • Performance management vs misconduct vs incapacity - which disciplinary strategy applies and when?​


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