Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Taking Charge of Absenteeism

Taking Charge of Absenteeism

When you’ve heard all the ‘reasons why’, exhausted all the usual options and absenteeism continues to be a major problem, there really is only one choice remaining.


We will help you make informed decisions about your legal obligations including good faith, consultation frameworks and the key timelines when responding to repeat offenders.

At this half-day toolkit, our expert speakers will help you confidently walk the hard road to termination by talking you through:

  • The big picture of absenteeism – defining what’s reasonable, the guidelines and the process
  • Short vs long-term: mitigating the risks and the key signs you’re in the for the long haul
  • Where to from here? Key tests, legal precedents and your obligations
  • Investigations, rehabilitation and getting back to it
  • Missing in action: the legal process around abandonment

We’ll make the tough conversations about those who “pull sickies” a lot easier, and you’ll know the legal requirements to backup your decisions.


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