Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Taking Charge Of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying

Taking Charge Of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying


Claims of harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace have never been so loud and prevalent, but there are many voices that still go unheard.

How your business chooses to prevent, mitigate and investigate active and potential claims is key to ensuring your staff feel safe and that your work culture doesn’t end up in the news.


This half-day toolkit will provide you with skills, tests and the legal framework surrounding harassment, discrimination and bullying claims, so you can be the leader that your staff need.  We will discuss:

  • Health & Safety obligations and your duty to investigate: Social factors that are changing expectations and what obligations lie beyond the act

  • “Spot the Bully!” – Managing the 2018 workforce and mitigating gender, sexual orientation & race discrimination

  • “Innocent till proven guilty” – Managing the ins and outs of privacy and confidentiality

  • Workplace rights of the disabled at recruitment, at work and when the employee becomes disabled mid-employment

  • Protecting yourself – The grey area and what makes you accusable of discrimination – drawing the line, protecting your people and yourself in the eyes of the law

When employees feel protected, productivity increases. So, arm yourself with the tools to protect your employees today.​


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