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Taking Charge Of Dimissal

In reality, discipline and dismissal isn't that simple

If 'you're fired!' is on the tip of your tongue, then it's probably time you came and had a chat with us.

You've been working hard to get your people where they need to be and it's just not working, it's time to stop and re-assess.

Join us at this half-day toolkit on Taking Charge of Dismissal where we will work you through all the curly parts that typically go wrong - From poor performance to misconduct to mitigating potential constructive dismissal claims. Our experts will talk to your frustrations, including:


  • Formal vs. informal process - deciding the tipping point 
  • Dealing with employee tactics, stress, blaming someone else and 'that's not in my job description'
  • Does a 'bullet-proof' investigation exist? Making sure the evidence and the process line up
  • Demotion/transfer, warnings, penalties short of dismissal
  • Repeat offenders - What can you actually dismiss for and is instant dismissal an option?
  • How to manage 'suddenly no longer fit for work' situations
  • Blunt vs bullying - how 'honest' can you be?


If the consultation process isn't right from the beginning, you could be facing big costs for breaching good faith. Hurt, humiliation and human rights could cost you dearly.​

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