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Who’s this course for?

If you’re already in a leadership role, or looking to step into one soon, this two-day course is a must. It will help you grow your talents as a leader and develop the people around you to reach their true potential.

What’s included?

  • The role and importance of vision: the power of mutual objectives
  • Why Integrity is so important: the ethical imperative of leadership
  • Fostering passion, building ‘hot’ teams and the art of risk taking
  • The role of curiosity in searching for improvement.

What you’ll learn:

The greatest leaders have an emotional connection with those around them. They inspire people and give them the support they need to reach their potential. This course is based on Haddo D’Audney’s research and consequent book on people skills in leadership. Applying his findings, you’ll acquire a new approach to leadership and reach your goals. Fully exploring the people side of leadership, this course shows you how to emotionally connect with those around you and achieve more in your organisation. It also includes best practice from today’s high achievers.


1987 Version 5 | Level 5 | Credits 5

Develop strategies to establish and maintain positive workplace relationship.

nb. This is a post workshop option

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