Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Certificate in Communication Skills for First Line Managers

Certificate in Communication Skills for First Line Managers

Gain the skills that will make you a more powerful and persuasive communicator

Certification you can receive

National Qualifications Framework Record of Learning
Who’s this course for?

If you are seeking promotion to a supervisory or team leader position, this two-day course will provide an essential and valuable foundation in communication skills. It is also a great way to update and polish your skills if you are an existing team leader or supervisor.

What’s included?

  • The importance of active listening, and how to master it
  • Identifying and working with barriers to communication
  • The best way to give instructions, and how to give and respond to feedback
  • Communicating in a culturally diverse workplace.

​What you’ll learn:

Strong first line managers are essential in every organisation. They’re the link between frontline staff and upper management, and act as the voice of the customer. Success in this demanding role requires great communication skills.

This two-day programme delivers an excellent understanding of the communication skills you need to be a true leader. You’ll also learn how to use those skills to manage people more effectively, boosting your ability to get the best from your team and work confidently across the organisation.

This course forms the first two days of the Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) Level 3. For those seeking any qualification in team leadership, this is the ideal start.

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