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Professional Customer Service Over the Phone

Project a great image with faultless call handling and phone service

Who’s this course for?
If you are a receptionist, work in a call centre, or if you regularly speak to customers and clients over the phone, this one-day workshop is for you. It’s designed to teach you to expertly handle calls and ensure the customer is left smiling.

What’s included?


  • How to handle inbound and outbound calls professionally, and project a confident, positive image over the phone
  • Preparing the call environment to provide excellent customer service
  • Handling difficult customers skilfully, including how turn a call around  and get a positive outcome 
  • Techniques for closing calls proficiently.


What you’ll learn:

Professional and polished service over the phone is key to ensuring a lasting relationship with your customers. For many customers, their first dealings and experience of a company begin with a phone call, and first impressions mean a lot. Poor customer experience at this critical point in the customer relationship cycle could ruin your company’s reputation. 

The Professional Customer Service Over the Phone workshop is part of our Customer Service Master Suite, and is focused exclusively on this critical part of the customer service experience. In it, you’ll learn the fundamentals of professional phone etiquette, how to project confidence and competence over the phone, how to close calls or change topics proficiently and much more.

After, you’ll be able to…


  • Provide consistently impeccable phone service to your customers
  • Greet and address your customers professionally, and expertly transfer callers or place them on hold
  • Handle difficult callers with comfortable poise and leave your customers smiling.


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