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Podcasting and Audio Marketing

Discover how Podcasting and audio marketing can be part of your marketing mix
Who’s this course for?
Foundation: Know, Comprehend and Apply

Owners, managers, or those responsible for marketing and media in your organisation.  Or those who would like to move into marketing positions or refresh their digital media marketing skills.

What you’ll learn:

The newest tool in the marketing tactic playbook is podcasting.  In New Zealand new podcasts are launching every month and increasing numbers of people listen.  Hosting your own podcast or being prepared to appear on or advertise in someone else’s podcast should be part of your marketing planning for the next year.  

Where and when: One Day: 9am–4pm

After, you’ll be able to…
  • ​Explain to your colleagues about podcasting for marketing and customer acquisition,
  • Know which podcasts and platforms could suit your target audience, 
  • Pitch to a podcast host, and 
  • How to advertise on podcasts and track your prospects back to your website.
  • Record your own podcast 

What's included?
  • How many different types of podcast are there?
  • Where does a podcast fit in a content marketing or brand building strategy?
  • How to pitch to a podcast host for a story
  • Ways to monetise podcasts
  • How to build a podcast audience
  • Analytics for podcasting
  • Developing and recording a podcast

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