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Personal Effectiveness for Professional Success

Boost your impact at work with these core techniques
Course dates: 12 Jun, 17 Jul, 21 Aug​

Who’s this course for?

The course is suitable for people at any stage in their career who want to be the very best they can be in their personal and professional lives. You can participate as an individual or send a team.

What’s included?

This comprehensive look at your own effectiveness and how to improve it is delivered over three impactful workshops:

Workshop 1: Making yourself more effective

  • Establish your own professional/personal development plan
  • Setting and achieving goals, the SMART way
  • Changing habits, managing behaviours: yours and others’
  • Guarding ourselves against burnout, being overwhelmed, exhaustion and dissatisfaction.

Workshop 2: Making relationships that work for you

  • Understanding yourself and others; recognising your strengths
  • The power of collective values and understanding
  • How to prioritise when everything is a priority
  • Becoming a communications Ninja.


Workshop 3: Advanced Productivity Techniques

  • Planning and scheduling: key steps to greater efficiency and increased effectiveness
  • KPIs: shifting from judgement to measurement
  • Streamlining and mapping for increased productivity
  • Dealing with disruptions, diversions and preventers.


What you’ll learn:

How you manage yourself, your workload and your relationships dictates much of your success in business. Learning how to continually develop and refine your approach is essential.

This three-day programme, spread over three months, shows you how to improve vital areas such as communication, management style and productivity. You’ll learn essential skills to help you grow your career, direct your own personal development and showcase your talents.

Including advanced learning from the Time Management - Personal Effectiveness workshop, the programme offers a totally new approach to achieving professional success.


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