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Personal Coaching

Identify and overcome what is holding you back to realise your full potential

Who’s this course for?
If you feel like you are trying hard but getting nowhere, you’re not performing as well as you should, the future is foggy and you’re struggling to find motivation, then this is the programme you need.

What’s included?


  • Be prepared to be wrenched uncomfortably out of your comfort zone to confront the fears and misconceptions that are holding you back
  • Learn to discard your limiting beliefs and tap into your own talents and strengths to propel you into action
  • This impactful programme will lead you to greater self-awareness, and teach you how to balance work and play.


What you’ll learn:

Do you feel like you are taking one step forwards and two steps back? 

People often don’t reach their full potential because they do not have the clarity and focus to make the right decisions, and they’re unable to recognise and use their strengths. Personal coaching helps you challenge the beliefs that are restraining you from achieving your goals. Unlock your potential with this life-altering approach to personal growth.

Where & when: dates are flexible and are agreed upon by you and your coach.

After, you’ll be able to…


  • Enjoy greater self-awareness
  • Have clarity of purpose
  • Identify what is important and make purposeful decisions 
  • Know what success means to you and be able to create possibilities to achieve it.
  • Duration, timing and cost are flexible and agreed between you and your coach



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