Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - NZ Tax Compliance: A Corporate Tax Course

NZ Tax Compliance: A Corporate Tax Course

PwC in partnership with EMA are delighted to bring you PwC’s New Zealand Tax Compliance Training


PwC’s corporate tax course is designed to help you understand your responsibilities and requirements in meeting your New Zealand tax compliance and will focus on the practical challenges of managing tax compliance for income tax, GST, fringe benefit tax (FBT), non-resident withholding tax (NRWT) and non-resident contractors tax (NRCT). 

Led by our PwC Tax specialist Tom McCullum this seminar will use a mix of presentations and practical case studies to cover the following:

·       A high level overview of the New Zealand income tax regime, with a focus on the typical tax adjustments to accounting profit.

·       Identifying key income tax risk areas. For example: transfer pricing, thin capitalisation and non-deductible expenditure.

·       Using basic financial statements to prepare a tax calculation and corporate tax return form.

·       Dealing with Inland Revenue, for example; during risk reviews, audits and requesting amendments to filed income tax returns

·       Provisional tax, interpreting Inland Revenue statements and tax pooling.

·       FBT questions and compliance requirements.

·       GST basics and common pitfalls.

·       NRWT and NRCT rules.

·       Current Inland Revenue risk focus areas


Question and answer booklets and slide handouts will be provided for the course


This seminar is aimed at those with day-to-day tax compliance responsibilities. The seminar has a flexible and interactive format and is able to be tailored to meet the needs of the attendees.


Jodee Webb
Jodee is a director in our Wellington office.  She has over 13 years tax experience with a predominantly corporate tax background specialising in M&A and accounting based issues and compliance.  Jodee has a wide client base covering the infrastructure, natural resources and energy sector as well as corporate entities with trans Tasman considerations. 

Originally from the UK and only due to be in New Zealand for 2 years, Jodee is still here 8 years later spending her free time exploring the countryside or playing hockey


Elizabeth Elvy

Elizabeth is a manager in our Auckland office specialising in international and corporate tax.

Elizabeth is part of the global tax team and the tax technical and publications team. She is involved in mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax compliance and consulting for large enterprises, including multinationals.

Outside of work Elizabeth likes getting outdoors, relaxing at the beach and keeping up with her busy toddler



·       Understand your responsibilities and requirements in meeting your NZ tax compliance

·       Able to manage tax compliance for income tax, GST, fringe benefit tax (FBT), non-resident withholding tax (NRWT) and non-resident contractors tax (NRCT)

·       An overview of the NZ tax regime

·       An understanding of Tax risk areas

·       Able to interpret Inland Revenue statements and tax pooling

·       Understand GST basics and pitfalls, NRWT and NRCT rules.

·       Answer FBT questions and compliance requirements


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