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Managing Witnesses

Failing to manage witness accounts of a workplace incident could invalidate evidence and put your investigation, and the outcome, at risk. Privacy, protection and the burden of proof – getting the facts you actually need out of a person is harder than it looks on TV. 

From the interview to the moment an outcome hangs on it, a witness account holds critical evidence in your internal investigations and when it comes to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). Because of this, it can become a double-edged sword. Taking the stand can be scary enough for a member of your staff, but what happens when you, the HR manager, gets the call-up? 

Our expert speakers will walk you through the process to great witness management with these ‘as an investigation happens’ sessions: 

  • Being a witness – getting the call-up to point the finger 
  • Good cop, bad cop – interviewing witnesses 
  • From the top – preparing a formal witness brief 
  • The Big Day – giving evidence and being cross-examined 

Manage your staff and your testimony. Don’t get caught short with your next workplace incident or accusation – correctly manage your witnesses and win where it counts. 

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