Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Managing Risk for Mobile and Isolated Workers

Managing Risk for Mobile and Isolated Workers

Gain vital knowledge of how to keep your remote and isolated workers safe

Rather than lone or isolated workers themselves, this course is aimed at those who manage them. The content will prove invaluable for managers, supervisors, team leaders, Health and Safety Representatives or anyone who needs to choose the right technology and implement an effective lone-worker solution.

What you’ll learn:

The vulnerabilities and risks associated with working remotely have particular focus in the Health and Safety at Work Act. This includes the requirement for PCBUs with people working alone or in remote locations to have “a system of work that includes effective communication with the worker”. Accordingly, a successful lone-worker solution includes many aspects: risk assessment, understanding network access, internal processes, staff training, individualised response instructions, best ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology, monitoring and on-going testing.

After, you’ll be able to
  • Explain and justify the need for a solution
  • Define, research and implement a solution appropriate for your workers with solid internal processes
  • Better understand and evaluate the technology options, including their limitations and advantages
  • Confidently present/discuss the options within your organisation.

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