Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Hot Works and Safety Watch, eLearning

Hot Works and Safety Watch, eLearning

Identify the safety gear that a hot works operator must wear


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Who’s this eLearning course for?

You are in a role or industry which requires Hot Work such as welding, grinding, soldering etc.

What you’ll learn:
This course explains the dangers of completing hot works which could include the use of a grinder, welder, soldering iron, etc. It identifies the safety gear that the operator must be wearing when completing hot works and key tips on using a hot works instrument safely.

Where and when: 
Learn at your own pace, but this course should ideally take around 60 minutes to complete. You can complete the course across multiple sessions if you choose to.

What's included?
  • ​How to get a hot works permit and why you will need one
  • What a safety watch does the responsibilities they have, and why the operator should have one standing by
  • Hazard controls and fire suppression

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