Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Health & Safety Conference - Rotorua

Health & Safety Conference - Rotorua

From Physical to mental harm - Navigating Employer Responsibilities and contribution
The hidden risks of serious accidents reach beyond harmful substances into how you work and how you protect your team every day in every way.  Employers have to ensure mis-communication and exhaustion are never factors!


To balance this out, we have to tackle worker competency head-on, whether that means identifying gaps in operational learning, developing competency measures and improving communication with migrant workers – are your current systems fit for purpose?

At the 2018 Health and Safety Conference, we will discuss how you work with your people.  Mitigating real life situations involving everyday people set out in plain language has to be the way forward for meaningful risk management and prevention.

This one-day conference will explore:

  • Case Study: The reality of an enforceable undertaking – lessons, safety and culture;
  • “You alright mate?” Fatigue, anxiety and mental health – living a culture of “looking out for your mates”;
  • Asbestos 50 years on – short- and long-term invisible harms and drawing a line in the sand;
  • Multiple contractors + multiple hazards = multiple risks: Getting everyone walking the same walk; and
  • Protecting our RSE workers – communication and keeping our employees safe

Also, we have Mike Sommerville of ATL Group Ltd that specialises in asbestos removal, who will talk through educating your people, preventative measures and your legal responsibilities.


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