Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Customer Service - An Introduction (Webinar)

Customer Service - An Introduction (Webinar)

Reinforce the value of delivering excellent service to your customers

Who’s this webinar for?
Foundation: Know, Comprehend and Apply

If you are new to customer service, if you need a quick refresher, or if you need to re-energise your entire customer service team, this snappy and interactive 90min webinar is your answer. 

What you’ll learn:
Great customer service is the ‘better half’ of a successful business. Because an organisation simply cannot thrive without its customers, this foundation webinar reinforces the importance of delivering exceptional service to ensure that your customers return again and again. 

This webinar forms part of our Customer Service Master Suite. Each course in the suite focuses on a different segment of customer service in more detail. If you want to be a customer-service specialist, it is recommended that you follow our customer service training pathway.

After, you’ll be able to…
After this short and sharp webinar, you will have a good understanding about customer service, and what makes good customer service great. You will be able to project a more confident and professional customer-service style that will wow your customers and your colleagues.

Remember that this webinar is an introduction to customer service. Our Customer Service Master Suite consists of more insightful and impactful courses to help you master customer service.


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