Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop

Create professional and stunning product shots, and social media images with no design experience using Adobe Photoshop

Who’s this course for?


Anyone that wants to create social media image posts or product shots.  This is a great companion course for the InDesign course “Creating Marketing Materials with Adobe InDesign”  

What you’ll learn:
You will be guided through the Photoshop interface and shown how to create your own unique social media images and product shots to suit your own branding, without any previous Photoshop experience.  You’ll also learn all the correct formats for both the major Social Media Platforms and print requirements.  

Where and when: Two Days: 9am – 4pm​
After, you'll be able to...
Create your own business graphics and social media images using Adobe Photoshop.  Have a solid working knowledge of Photoshop to enable you to customise your own branding.


What's included?
  • Navigate Photoshop
  • Edit product shots for print - including brochures and flyers
  • Create attention grabbing social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube.
  • Create Unique Facebook Group and Business Page graphics
  • Create Graphics for your website and blog posts
  • Optimise image files for the web

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