Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Fresh people breakfast redeveloping communication and culture

Fresh people breakfast redeveloping communication and culture

Company culture and communication in focus: fresh people breakfast

Many hands make light work. So how do you get your people engaged and interested, driving a whole-of-business approach.  Get your team focussed on productivity, engagement and your bottom line.

Ever considered why and how transparency is key to enabling collaboration between staff, management and the wider business.  Join us and hear from Vaughan Reed, Managing Director of Labyrinth, who will explore how to transform your people’s attitude towards owning business-wide strategies through holistic communication structures.

We also have Shirvani Mudaly, Chief People Officer at Vend, a small NZ start up-turned-global competitor who pride themselves on their open and honest culture which they managed to embed across multiple sites. Shirvani will dig into how they drive productivity through listening to their employees, and how this enhances the employee experience and cultivates a culture of connected people.

Visibility, collaboration, authority, enablement – How will you put your people in charge of business-wide culture? After all, if we don’t listen to our people on the ground, how will lead your collective?​


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