Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Fresh marketing breakfast: marketing automation for smes in a world of personalisation

Fresh marketing breakfast: marketing automation for smes in a world of personalisation

Let’s talk burgers, customers and automation for SMEs

Does your marketing strategy help you attract and engage your customers at scale? More importantly, are you talking to your customers when and where they want?

Join us at our next Fresh Marketing Breakfast aimed at small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) where Burger Fuel’s Global Chief Marketing Officer talks through lessons about integrating automation into their customer journey, their creative process and what the priorities are for personalisation in 2019.

If unmanaged, automated marketing can be full of challenges and unexpected costs. Simon Breed, Managing Director from Twenty CX, will talk about how to attract and retain customers through digital touchpoints and effective automation, while ensuring this is achievable and affordable.

Join us for breakfast as our industry-leading experts discuss:

  • The realities of constructing and implementing automation – Reducing the workload while increasing the lead generation;

  • Creating high performance automation and the value of A/B testing – Bringing your creative campaigns to life and drawing out the value of the data you gather;

  • Creativity, segmentation and personalisation in automation – Driving an omni-channel strategy that builds engagement;

  • Measuring what matters – What we know about our customers and how that drives our marketing automation strategy;

  • Design A/B testing strategies that work and build trust with your audience when they know they are being surveyed by a robot.

Get new and existing customers knocking on the door while Increasing visitation, sign-up and conversion for your brand and product lines.​



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