Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - ER Roadshow:The Big Three - Webinar

ER Roadshow:The Big Three - Webinar

Learn what to do with the big three changes in employment relations law

We could have made a TV series for business called ERabout the dramatic changes in employment relationslaw in 2019.

Instead the EMA sent two of its experts in ER on a Roadshow around the Upper North Island to explain what is going on. While the Roadshow is over, there is still strong demand so EMA has arranged an 'overflow' webinar session.

You are invited to participate and hear from our in-house experts Matt Dearing, Managing Solicitor of EMA Legal, and Paul Jarvie, Manager of Employment Relations and Safety.

Some of you will have it all under control but if you don't, participate in this 2 hour webinar on the changes and what they mean for business. 

There are three big changes in employment law in 2019 so far:

  • Employment Relations Amendment Act 2018 – in force now; 
  • Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Act 2018 – in force now from 1 April; and
  • Changed guidelines for responding to harassment and bullying 

You will receive checklists and top tips on how to avoid risk in managing your people, and protecting your business.

If you participate, you will be able to purchase an EMA Domestic Violence Leave information pack with a 50% discount priced for you at $95 +GST.​

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