Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - EMA Certificate in Digital Media Strategy and Design

EMA Certificate in Digital Media Strategy and Design

By completing eight one day sessions, you will learn how to create and implement a Digital Media Strategy, and all of the relevant components to get your business positive results from utilising digital media as a marketing tool

Cost of the certificate (including all eight modules listed below)

Member (Early Bird)$4,495.00 + GST
Member (Standard)$4,990.00 + GST
Non Member$5,990.00 + GST

Who’s this course for?
Foundation: Know, Comprehend and Apply

Those who would are currently working in an organisation with no Digital Marketing Strategy, who would like to move into a marketing role or would like to consolidate knowledge within the Digital Marketing area.

Small to medium sized businesses who do not have a marketing department/digital marketing specialist but would like to advertise and market their products/services within the online domain.​

What you’ll learn:

Businesses today have more marketing options available that ever before - A Digital Marketing Strategy is the plan that shows the business benefits of data assets and technology focused initiatives. Social Media Marketing, websites, and the use of analytics to both attract and retain customers are essential in most businesses today.

But how do you start? Who are your potential customers Which marketing channel is right for you? Which represents the best return on your investment of time, staffing and money? - and how does this all tie back to your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Each carefully selected module within this programme will enable you to not only develop your own Digital Marketing Strategy, but give you the skills, tools, practice and guidance to implement what is right for your organisation.​

Where and when: One Day: 9am–4pm

After, you’ll be able to…

  • Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy, with the ability to be able to practically create, manage and publish within a range of digital marketing tools – leading to maximising the effectiveness of digital marketing for your organisation.
  • It is highly recommended that in conjunction with this course, the Creating Marketing Materials with Adobe package is undertaken.

​​What's included?

You will be guided by a range of industry experts, and given the knowledge and skills you need to both create and implement a Digital Marketing Strategy.

You will need to complete all eight modules, in order to gain a Certificate in Digital Media Strategy and Design. However, if you would like to focus on individual aspects, each module can also be learned independently with the price for each being:

Member (Early Bird)$690.00 + GST
Member (Standard)$840.00 + GST
Non Member$1,160.00 + GST

The eight modules in the certificate are as below. Select the module titles to find out more about the modules. If you wish to do all eight modules to complete the Certificate in Digital Media Strategy and Design course, please contact Liz McGrath, Digital Portfolio Manager on +64 93 670962 or Liz.McGrath@ema.co.nz​.

  • The tools, tactics and information required to create a Digital Media Strategy that is SMART
  • One strategy does not fit all – the differences, common features and options available

  • Digital channels - what is out there, each of its strengths and weakness (or purpose) and what it takes to maintain them
  • Digital Customer Journey - this will then lead to getting them to strategise for your business, looking at what you have and create your own
  • Digital marketing options - wild west of options to choose from – hoping you choose which are best for you

  • Why ask for reviews from customers?
  • Set a policy for reviews
  • Run campaigns to solicit reviews
  • Incorporate reviews into search engine optimisation
  • Know how to respond to a negative review

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?
  • ​How to use SEO as a tool for growth?
  • Key words assessment using Google Analytics
  • How do I measure the ROI from my digital media strategy?

  • ​How do you target customers specific to your brand?
  • Where do you target customers specific to your brand?

  • Branding is mapped to your customer journey
  • Differentiating your brand from the competition
  • Consistency of your brand across the digital landscape

  • Why your business should podcast or use podcasts for marketing
  • Understand the basics of setting up a podcast
  • Ways to grow your podcast audience

  • ​Utilising your website as an effective marketing tool
  • The tools, programmes and plug-ins required to make your current website fabulous
  • The choice of websites available
  • Create and edit your own website​

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