Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Digital Team Building and Design Thinking

Digital Team Building and Design Thinking

A hands-on, full-day workshop to improve and optimise your business with digital technology.


This workshop is designed for a minimum of four to a maximum of eight people from the same company or team looking for a creative solution (using digital technology) to a business challenge they face.


A hands-on, full-day workshop to improve and optimise your business with digital technology.

This workshop is designed by Webscope's The Innovation Business and is being offered at a special discounted price for EMA members.

During the workshop you and your hand-picked team of engaged employees will be led through a set of design thinking exercises to critically analyse an important issue facing your business.

You'll also work with our technology experts to learn how digital technology can overcome this issue and improve your customer experience or internal processes.

It is creative team building focused on making a positive impact on your business.


• You want to dramatically improve your customer experience, online presence, or internal processes.
• You want to be ahead of the curve and get the jump on your competitors.
• You feel digital technology has the potential to help your business.


• Critically analysing a business challenge.
• Exploring how current and future technology trends could help your business.
• Linking people that can help your business with the technology that can better support them or change their behaviour.
• Defining a minimum viable product - the smallest thing you can invest in to create a positive impact on your business.
• Validating a measurable return on investment.


• Define and evaluate digital solutions that fit your business.
• Measure and validate the potential return on your investment.
• Brief your IT team or external suppliers effectively to create the right digital solution.
• Use the framework to solve other issues in your organisation.

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