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Communication in a Crisis, eLearning

Crisis situations within a workplace require strong leadership and effective communication to staff, customers and other stakeholders.


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This eLearning module will guide you through how to ensure your communication messages are heard, and provide advice on which mode to utilise in different types of crisis you may face.

Who’s this eLearning course for?
If you a member of a Crisis Response Team, own a small business, or are involved in providing comms for your organisation. Or you are a manager who has a responsibility for communicating to staff then this online course is for you.

What you'll learn:
By completing this module you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the types of crisis a business may face
  • Gain an understanding of the planning required for crisis communication
  • Be given the tools to create your own crisis communication plan
  • Be able to identify the tools that can be used to communicate with during a crisis
  • Understand the different responses that are required for internal and external stakeholders during a crisis, and why they are important

Where and when: 
Learn at your own pace, but should ideally take around 60 minutes to complete. You can complete the course across multiple sessions if you choose to.

After, you'll be able to...
On completion of the three areas you will have the knowledge and skills to be able to:

  • Understand the importance of communication in a crisis situation
  • Have a plan for how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders in a crisis
  • Understand the different modes of communication tools available during a crisis, and which works best for different situations
  • Effectively communicate with the right tools for the audience and message
  • Communicate up and down the business with the stakeholders and staff to get your message across faster
  • Implement the Tools, Techniques and Skills needed to have a courageous conversation
  • Build you own confidence in dealing with employees across a wide range of situations

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